I am Robert.

I write for the school newspaper crux, I am a podcaster at the Hochstuhlen Podcast and founder of TUOVU. Additionally I go to school. You can find out more about me and my opinions on Mastodon and other Social Media channels. For encrypted communication you can find my keys on Keybase.

school newspaper crux

The school newspaper crux is one of the best of its kind and has received several awards from youth press organisations. In the magazine, which is published twice a year, the editorial staff deals with current topics.

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Illustrations for tutoring subjects

The app Tuovu is an innovative platform for tutoring, which has been awarded by Startup Teens. Unfortunately the publication is delayed for various reasons...

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Artwork of the Hochstuhlen podcast

In the Hochstuhlen podcast I talk about school and education. Here I let my own experiences from my school time flow in. Topics of previous episodes have been digitalisation and school newspapers.

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